The ABCs of Dealing with Mosquitoes

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By Pure Solutions June 17, 2015
We have all heard a million times by now of all the ‘tricks’ to help rid ourselves of mosquitoes.  The obvious: don’t leave standing water in your yard, and mosquitoes can’t fly well, so use fans! Some seemingly practical, until you are out in the sun: make sure to cover yourself head-to-toe, and tuck in all cuffs, to avoid bites!  And then the outrageous: try to breath less, the mosquitoes can smell the CO2!!

The list goes on and on, with some tips becoming increasingly more extreme (how about donning that hat with ear flaps while trying to man the BBQ?)  If you just want to enjoy your backyard and not worry this summer, here are some ABC’s you can employ today.

Always trim vegetation
While we all know that water is absolutely necessary for the hatching of mosquito eggs, both male and female mosquitoes need to feed, and the main source is fruit and plant nectar. (It is actually only the female mosquitoes that need blood.)  So keep the flowers trimmed and shrubs looking sharp!

Before vacationing, clean!
No, we don’t just mean dumping out standing water and making sure you put holes in the bottom of your recycling containers and trash cans. We mean giving that glorious summer miracle, the pool, a thorough cleaning and chlorination before packing up for a vacation. Pool covers, no matter how well secured, often leave enough space for mosquitoes to get in and out, and your pool can become a breeding ground for the whole neighborhood.  While the chlorine will not kill larvae, proper preparation can help to prevent mosquitos from establishing a home.

Consider fish
In love with your water feature, resulting mosquito troubles be darned? Not so fast! Just add fish, one of the main predators to mosquitoes. There’s even a species colloquially known as the mosquitofish, the Gambusia Affinis.  Check out what varieties of fish may thrive in your particular water environment, and give them a built in food source to enjoy.

Don’t use harmful chemicals!
Sure, they may be effective in killing mosquitoes, but what about the environment, your pets, and your family? Use all-natural products to keep everyone safe. 

PROGAEA Tick & Mosquito by Pure Solutions works by disrupting the neurotransmitter function in target insects, providing residual control to the application area. The PROGAEA family of products is National Organic Program (NOP) compliant, making it safe to be applied around children, pets, and delicate plant life, and has no aquatic toxicity. Pure Solutions employs a careful and strategic application method in order to provide the most effective service without disrupting the environment. The PROGAEA family of products is also EPA FIFRA 25(b) exempt, further benefiting both the community and the environment.  Data Safety Sheets, and additional information about Pure Solutions and its family of products and services, are available at

Make sure you enjoy your summer by following the ABCs and scheduling your Pure Solutions treatment today!